"Yoga does not transform the way we see things,

it transforms the person who sees.” — B.K.S. Iyengar

Physical activity has been a large part of my life from the day I learned to ride a bike, through skating, hiking, skiing and horseback riding to becoming a Fitness Leader. Some time ago I began to explore yoga to add to my fitness class repertoire, including it in my senior's classes, and practicing a bit on my own.

When aerobic classes were no longer a safe option for me post cancer treatments, I turned to yoga for fitness and clarity. The more I explored this ancient art, the more I benefited. I soon knew this would be my life's practice.

Yoga teaches that whatever is - is ok; that you don't even have to move physically to reap benefits; that through visualization you are able to obtain a state of calmness, a state of wellness. And through mindful movement you are able to retrain and regain. Yoga also teaches that                                                                                           attitude is everything and that there are always options.


 I feel deeply honoured and blessed that I am able to share my experience, knowledge and empathy with others who face challenges in their lives. And fortunate that I am able to guide them through an uplifting experience.

I am a  Hatha Yoga Teacher and Yoga Exercise Specialist certified through Jackie Adams of The Himalayan Institute and East to West Yoga. I have completed courses and workshops with Susie Hately (Yoga Synergy), Rodney Yee (Yee Yoga) and Jill Miller (Yoga Tune-Up), as well as several other prominent teachers. I began my instructing with the YMCA specializing in seniors fitness and continue to broaden my knowledge of kinesiology and yoga therapy. Softyoga classes reflect these varied areas of study and are designed to be enjoyed by all.